Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Muslim councillor's unlawful protest

A councillor in South Shields, Tyne and Wear (David Miliband's parliamentary constituency) has organised an unlawful protest against the Israel-Hamas conflict. Councillor Ahmed Khan, who represents the town's Beacon and Brent wards, arranged for 250 school children to take an unauthorised day off school Monday, in protest against Israel's offensive in Gaza. The Education Act of 1996 requires local authorities to enforce school attendance, not encourage unauthorised absence. Lets not forget that the same law actively prosecutes parents who fail to ensure the school attendance of their children. Given Councillor Khan's position as a councillor, in which is he is legally required to enforce school attendance, he has technically broken the law. One wonders if South Tyneside's decision-making board will investigate Mr Khan's involvement in this protest. Highly unlikely I imagine. Perhaps Mr Miliband will. No, of course not. Maybe Ed Balls would take an interest. Doubtful. I note that the BBC was quick to emphasis that "the demonstration was a peaceful one." Khan is very likely the anonymous South Tyneside councillor who filed a foney complaint against a South Shields council resident late last year for "excessively" displaying Christmas lights outside her flat at the objection of local Muslim residents.




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